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Food and Drink

Crafting solutions for F&B companies towards Japanese market

Whether you are a micro, small-medium enterprise, or an established presence, we can provide you with cost-effective solutions and strategies to develop your business and brand in Japan over the long term.


Consulting & branding

Is this the right time for my product? Is a trade fair or a promotional event better? Yoshimoto Global supports and educates you not only to understand the best strategy for your product, but we provide you with an overall view of the target market in Japan. Feasibility study, translation, localisation, promotion and more... What we want to tell is always your story, but touching the right chords!

Import & Distribution

Our company also performs import and distribution functions. Since 2018, we have specialised in the import of Italian products through our brand Storie D'Italia. Check our website (link) or visit us in our shop in the heart of Tokyo.

Shop (Online & direct)

Our aim is to maximise the value of your product and to do this we use online sales channels and direct sales through participation in events and fairs in Tokyo and Japan throughout the year.

Market testing

Do you have a new product and want to test it directly on the Japanese consumer? Let's do a market test together via our online virtual showcases and direct in-store sales. We will provide you with details, advice and above all the direct evaluation of those who have tasted your products. This will enable you to build with us a more solid basis and a more effective strategy to approach new importers and operators in the Japanese F&B sector.


Do you feel ready to launch your brand in Japan and are looking for an authorised dealer? Contact us to evaluate a partnership and build a strategy together.

EVOO Explorer

EVOO Explorer is an online B2B platform open to world wide merchandising. It is an online exhibition space where the experts of the EVOO becomes their recommenders. EVOO Explorer doesn't only stay online, but we have sales specialist also following up to buyers around the world. If you are high quality EVOO producers, feel free to contact about the project.

Citrus Fruits

Your Experience with Yoshimoto Global

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