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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


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Welcome to the world of Yoshimoto Global. Expertise and professionalism go hand in hand with our desire to amaze by creating new commercial and promotional solutions for your business in the Land of the Rising Sun. In a world where trends and needs change continuously and at an almost frantic pace, agility, a constant spirit of adaptation and creativity are fundamental qualities that set us apart. Whatever the type of your business, the size of your company and your budget, we offer customised strategies that are within your reach.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step



The Japanese market requires patience and an investment of time and resources, we cannot deny it. However, as well expressed by the saying above, Yoshimoto Global offers you all-round support to take your first steps and achieve success for your product and/or brand in Japan. Our method is a great way to optimise your efforts and achieve visible results.

4 steps for your product to be launched in Japan?


Deep research on competitors

Estensive research on players already selling in the market to understand what, how (size, flavour, label, packaging) and at what price.


Product research

Are Japanese consumers looking for your product? Is there anything similar already hitting the market? Deep understanding of the sector.


Building ad-hoc strategy

Do you need a B2B or B2C focus? Evaluating together how to approach the market. Is it a fair or a tasting event? What about going digital first? Let’s discuss it according to your needs and budget.


Background research on importers and potential partners

Big importers are not always the best solution for a long-term business partnership in Japan. Let’s find yours together!

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